Pro-ImageLook Your Best

3D Scanning

For Real Estate

You know that imaginary rich overseas client you have in your mind, the one who's going to fly all the way to Israel, see that exclusive property you've been sitting on for years, and sign on the dotted line?

Yeah. They're not coming.

Thankfully, with ProImage, they don't have to.

Our interactive 3D walkthroughs are so thoroughly immersive that prospective clients - whether they be overseas or local - will be able to tour your properties without even getting out of bed. No wasting time on clients who are so sorry but it's not quite what they had in mind, thank you.

For Hotels

You've got a hotel worth seeing... worth staying in. So how do you convince guests to pick you instead of the other guy? You both have photo galleries. You may even have a nifty 360 degree "photo sphere" or two. But you know in your heart that nothing beats being there, in the hotel - seeing the sights of the Holy Land out the window, the unique decor... you're sitting on the best-looking hotel around - but who would know?

With ProImage's interactive 3D walkthrough - everybody.

For Event Venues

"What's that? The Goldsmith family booked their event where??!? That place can't hold a candle to us! Why'd they... oh? They have a photo sphere on their website? Is that the latest thing these days? I guess our photo gallery just won't cut it anymore... we paid that photographer so much, too. Ok, so how do we beat a photo sphere.. what can we get that's better than that? ...oh? That sounds promising... ProImage... what's their website? I want to see this for myself!"

For Museums

Everyone's seen the Rosetta Stone... the worn-out chuck of rock with three different languages carved into its front surface.

But have you ever seen the back? What's on it? Is it rough stone, or smooth? Does it have any tool marks?

How about from the side - how thick is it, anyway? Is it tapered at all, or even?

Yeah, we didn't know either. Let's change that.

With ProImage's interactive 3D scanned environment, we can capture that unique relic you have from all angles.